Call for Proposals

We are looking for speakers, presenters and workshop moderators to cover a diverse range of topics that appeal to the spectrum of Transgender individuals.

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Please register to be a speaker at our event.  Upon approval, you will recieve an email and a link to complete your payment. Scroll to bottom to register.

We Want You

We are seeking workshop presenters and moderators to present a broad range of topics that appeal to a wide spectrum of Transgender individuals, their families and friends. We are creating an inspirational itinerary of supportive professionals to come and present at our conference.

Who Will Attend

We believe our conference will attract between 500 and 700 attendees all being part of the transgender spectrum including but not limited to All members of the LGBT community transmen, transwomen, non-binary, gender queer and gender expansive people, their spouses, significant others and families, educators, medical and mental health professionals and attorneys of all age ranges.

Deadlines & Scheduling

The ‘deadline’ to submit is May 15th, 2019. However, we will start to select and schedule presenters starting in mid-February. We expect to have 80% of our workshop slots filled by mid-March. The remaining will be filled by April. Regular workshops time slots are 1 hour and 15 minutes with 15 minutes of break time scheduled between workshops. Mini-workshops are 30 minutes long with 15 minutes of break time scheduled between each other. Please plan your workshop to be no longer than one hour to permit time for questions & answers. Our conference New York Coming Out can provide a projector, cart, screen, and flip chart if needed. You will need to provide your own laptop computer and connecting cables.

Our Goal

Our goal is to build a transgender platform and community built on the importance of collaboration, unique expression, and individualism — tied in with infinite oneness. If you are interested in presenting at New York Coming Out please follow this link for Propose a Workshop.