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Presented by Dr Helen Webberley

Access to gender-affirming healthcare has always been a global challenge for gender non-conforming people of all ages.

A lack of skills and knowledge amongst health professionals, combined with attitudinal influences and a reluctance to provide safe and effective care, have all contributed to the difficulties.

The result, in many cases, has been long waiting times to treatment and the requirement to travel large distances to access what, in many cases, turns out to be sub optimal care.

Since 2015, a team of trans advocates and healthcare workers in the UK have worked hard to develop a web-based platform to provide access to a range of services that can help trans people live their lives more easily – without having to leave the comfort and safety of their own home.

For almost five years, GenderGP has been successfully servicing the needs of trans patients, harnessing the power and versatility that modern technology has to offer, while keeping data security and patient safety at the highest levels.

www.GenderGP.com provides a suite of services that allows people of all ages to receive advice, counselling, assessments, blood tests, medication, voice therapy and support.

While offering a fully rounded service to those who question their gender, GenderGP also provides education and help to those who wonder how best to support them.

Having established a successful model in the UK we are beginning to see patients come to the service from all over the world. In this workshop, presented by GenderGP founder, Dr Helen Webberley, we will introduce the service and show members of the trans community and their loved ones – as well as any healthcare professionals who might be interested in learning more about this cutting edge approach – how it works and the role it can play in revolutionising their care.