GenderGP – making healthcare reach all trans people, wherever they are

Presented by Dr Helen Webberley

Access to gender-affirming healthcare has always been a global challenge for gender non-conforming people of all ages. A lack of skills and knowledge amongst professionals to provide such care, combined with attitudinal influences and paucity of locations providing care have all contributed to the difficulties. The result has been long waits and large geographical distances that trans people may have to travel in order to access safe and effective care, with many facing less than affirming care. A team of trans advocates and healthcare workers in the UK have worked hard to develop a web-based platform to reach the far corners of the UK and give access to a range of services that can help trans people live their lives more easily. Since 2015 it has been servicing the needs of trans patients in the UK and across Europe. Harnessing the power and versatility that modern technology can provide, while keeping data security and patient safety at the highest levels, provides a suite of services that allows people of all ages to receive advice, counselling, assessments, blood tests, medication, voice therapy and support from the safety of their own home. While offering a fully rounded service to those who question their gender, GenderGP also provides education and help to those who wonder how best to support them. We would like to share the ideas behind the planning, the development of the service, the IT structure that facilitates and supports it.

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