Creating a Trans Affirming Organization

Presented by John Sovec, MA, LMFT

With more agencies and healthcare providers responding to the needs of the Trans community it is sometimes difficult to understand the needs of clients and how small details can be perceived as offensive or dismissive. Even the most well meaning office can find themselves taking mistakes in communication, treatment planning, and community involvement that make it challenging for a trans client to feel safe and understood. Creating a safe space for the transgender and NB/NGC community starts from the very first points of contact and needs to be practiced to the very highest levels of any organization. And yet for many agencies there are gaps in policy that can make a transgender client feel excluded and shamed.

This workshop will explore:

  • The points of contact that are vital to making a transgender client feel safe and welcome
  • Building language and communication tools to train staff
  • Understanding biases and agenda that may influence the experience of a transgender client
  • Examining community based messaging and how it is perceived by the transgender and NB/NGC community Workshop will use lecture, discussion, and skill building exercises.

This workshop will build on the OASIS model of community care.

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