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Dr. Jamison Green

Dr. Jamison Green  is one of the transgender movement’s most accomplished activists. He led FTM International from 1991-1999, spearheaded efforts to remove exclusions for trans-specific treatments from health insurance policies, pioneered legislative efforts to protect all people on the basis of gender identity and expression, and engaged with the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association ) to transform health and human rights policies.   

Sarah McBride

Sarah McBride is the national press secretary at the Human Rights Campaign, working tirelessly to advocate for LGBTQ equality. She has been featured in the New York Times, the Washington PostTimeCosmopolitanElleVogueRolling Stone, and The New Yorker, and she speaks regularly at national LGBTQ and political events. Her moving memoir, Tomorrow Will Be Different chronicles her journey as a transgender woman, from coming out to her family and school community, to fighting for equality in her home state and nationally, to her heartbreaking romance with her late husband. A native of Delaware, McBride is on the front lines of the progressive movement.

Chris Bright

Chris Bright (he/she/they) is the Director of Public Training at The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth. Each year they oversee the training of hundreds of crisis counselors across the country, including developing training materials, facilitating quarterly trainings for TrevorLifeline counselors, and incorporating updated mental health resources and research into the organization’s crisis services model.

They also support the ongoing transformation of Trevor’s digital crisis services training model to become asynchronous, allowing TrevorText and TrevorChat counselors to learn via interactive video modules and exercises from anywhere in the U.S. on a more flexible schedule. As part of the organization’s largest expansion of its crisis services in two decades, Chris’ efforts will allow The Trevor Project to train more crisis counselors than ever before, and ultimately serve more LGBTQ youth in crisis.

In addition, Chris educates corporations, municipalities, and organizations on LGBTQ competent suicide prevention, active allyship, and creating inclusive, intersectional environments supportive of LGBTQ people.

Chris identifies as genderqueer and resides in Burbank, CA with their husband, Seth and their dog, Asher. In their spare time they enjoy theater, theme parks and building large-scale LEGO sets.

Kim Watson

Kim Watson is the Co-founder of Community Kinship Life, known as CKLife that assists affirmed men &; women with necessary life skills, medical needs, counseling, and access to the resources needed to improve their quality of life & contribution to society. CKLife provides a safe, secure space for affirmed people (& allies when applicable) to meet and learn about life inside & outside of transition. CKLife also sponsors a benefit to raise funds for the CKLife scholarship fund that has helped many affirmed people with paying for necessary transition related procedures. CKLife also participates in many conferences centered around affirmed people such as WPATH, PTHC in Philadelphia (planning committee (Keynote 2017) Kim is the first black trans woman to keynote for the opening of GMHC AIDS Walk 2019, & many more. People across the United States & the world have benefited greatly from the selfless acts of Kim Watson & the CKLife organization. CKLife has set a precedent for non-profit organizations that assist affirmed people and continues to do amazing things in the community at large.

Sean E. Coleman


Sean Coleman is the founder and Executive Director at Destination Tomorrow where he oversees the organizations LGBT Community Center located in the South Bronx. Economic Empowerment is the cornerstone of services at DT, offering clients skill building programs and services that provide academic enrichment as well as professional development. Mr. Coleman is the managing partner of Sean Ebony Coleman Consulting, a consulting firm that specializes in working to increase Diversity and Inclusion and engagement strategies for LGBTQ communities. Mr. Coleman is the first African American of Transgender Experience to operate an LGBT Center in New York City history and plays a key role in advocating for policies that directly impact the lives of millions of TGNC New Yorkers.

Additionally, Mr. Coleman is a consultant with Transgender Strategy Center, a collaboration of transgender led consultants offering specialized consulting services to organizations and companies looking to better engage members of the TGNC community. Looking from a national lens, TSC works to educate companies on policies/procedures while building out programs.

Currently, Mr. Coleman is a part of the Gilead’s National Transgender Advisory Group, The NYPD LGBT Advisory Board, Bronx Community Board 1 and the Transgender Legal and Education Defense Fund (TLDEF) Board, a national Transgender led policy and advocacy agency. Mr. Coleman is an active member of the House and Ballroom scene, providing resources to those calling the ballroom scene home. Mr. Coleman has been recognized in the City and State 2019 Bronx Power 100 List, and Metro Sources’ LGBT People we Love. Mr. Coleman has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes and the Advocate. Currently Mr. Coleman is enrolled in the Victory Candidate and Campaign Training and the American Express Leadership Academy.