Electrolysis and You: How Permanent Hair Removal Can Transform Your Transition

Presented by Yuki Arai, LE CPE

In this presentation I will be discussing the importance and relevance of electrolysis for trans people. I’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of hair removal for the face and body, but also explain how important it is to have a thorough program of electrolysis in the run-up to GRS which applies both MTF and FTM patients. I will explain about hair cycles, how electrolysis is different to laser, preparing for electrolysis, pain management, and what results can be expected over various time-frames. I will also give suggestions on what you should look for when selecting an electrologist. Ultimately I will be detailing how hair removal – and electrolysis in particular – can be used to assist you as you transition, and help you show the world your best self!


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