Our Lives: Our stories through the art of drag

Presented by Christopher James Isperduli

The art of drag can be political, personal, comedic, dramatic or straight-up weird, but there is always some kind of message to take away from the performance. Drag can serve as a conduit for passing down our personal or collective history; it can be a safe place to find yourself. It runs the gamut from pure fun all the way to serious art forms. Recently, there seems to be a divide forming, wherein the trans and non-binary community have been pulled away from the art of drag, the message sent that it’s not really drag unless a man performs as a woman or a woman as a man. Drag is, at its core, a performance to give the illusion that one is someone or something other than their daily self. The best part is that anyone interested and willing to go for it, can perform drag! If you’re curious in any way about the art drag, then this is the workshop for you. I invite you to view and share a gallery of photos, videos and much more from over 100 shows! I knew little about drag until I saw a show and I was hooked. I HAD to know more, I joined a troupe, and the rest is my history, thus far. What’s your story that awaits discovery? Are you ready to find out?

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